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Stephanie's Catchers

These Brilliant Pieces are made by my Bestest Friend in the Whole Wide World

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.Moon Goddess. by decayedrosesMoon Goddess by Albion-James



Chubby Hug STAMP by Onslaught14

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Gibbon Cuddle by *spike83

Gibbon Cuddle by spike83

My Musings

How often do I vent? Do I vent Too much? I have found a Need to talk. I have found a place to vent. You neednot read this . This is really just for me and anyone that feels close to me. I wish to be friends with any and all, but be forewarned I flirt, I am an adult my mind is full of MATURE CONTNENT and it slips out in conversation. So if I ask your age it usually is for that reason. Also the same goes for married individuals - my husband of 20 years knows that I am a flirt - and is ok with it. Is your spouse or lover ok with me flirting with you? if not just tell me to keep it clean and I will. If you are under 21 give me some fair warning won't ya you are all young enough to be a child of mine. I have no children - but the fuzzy kind. In High school my nick name was mom so if you need a non bias motherly ear I will listen.



and yet my brain and heart are cold. THEY pop in and out thinking that I do not notice. Every visit a slice to my soul. I write this here because not everyone reads this. Quiettt is missing and brkoe my heart and He who must not be named pops in and never says a thing. narry a word and I am denied even a hint, a i, a simple courtsey of a Howdy. IT HURTS and I can not stop the hurt.

Safety Love and Peace I send to All

I'm sure not many if any read this so I feel safe to put my feelings here and not scare any one I just need the release of words.
I take meds for anxiety and depression there are nights like tonight that I feel that they are not working as they should. I can not afford to tell anyone because I can not afford the bills. Pain and fear are keeping me awake again. Tears cloud my eyes as I write this. All I want is for one specific person to say hi to me and my shoulder to stop hurting then I could possibly sleep and exercise and loose the weight that is causing the rest of my physical pain. I am pathetic. I am miserable. I wish That I never got to be this age and I am wishing that I will not get any older. But they need me. I guess that is the only reason I exist. I do not say that I live. I exist, from day to day, that is all.


Retrato Medieval by marchenart7 Warrior King by Bear54 :thumb372904586:

lovely torture by featherstone Lay Up Lay Down by Objective-Perception

Elegant Thoughts by BlaiddxDrwg Self  2 by Manfruit

She loves.She loves to be bitten
whipped and cuffed.
These sexual practices
she can't get enough.
She will scream in delight
may be put up a fight.
buck her hips
bite her lips.
Trying to resist
as you kiss.
Your fingers teasing
and exploring.
She opens her legs
she can not resist.
The screaming now
a soft moan
as your fingers
part sliding in
ready to begin.
One or may be more
she can take up to four.
lips now on her bud
tongue flicking all
the time licking.
She is now helpless
begs you for more
moving fingers faster
her bud in full bloom
the words
I am coming echoing
round the room.
Skin rippling, shivering pleasure, sensual heat,
Forget life, numb my mind, steal my heart, then take my soul
So dress me down, lay me back and enjoy me,

Green Eyes by Rachopin77 random cropped by Manfruit

Flower I by Photoaddict01 Stop Following Me. by Rachopin77

Vertical Pose by Manfruit Shapes and Textures by Objective-Perception

la Femme en Noir by Lady--Smith Where is the Line? by Objective-Perception

Ribbed Colour by wrathofjustice Simple by Reraizure

Bondage                           Come to my dungeon
                                  it's time to play,
                                  you'll like it here
                           where you will always stay.
                    Roam the halls enjoy the sights,
20130417 by DeadlyDoll667

:thumb355453158: Red Rope 1 by MTL3 Red Fruit by KadelsLodge

shower by wasilli

Dark Side of the Moon by Objective-Perception This Way Please by softfocusimages

Hooks and Rope by DanailyaReese You Can Leave Your Boots On by 3feathers Dix Steele Torso - 4 by DixSteele

++ COMMISSION ++ LOCHLAN by alexzappa an emotive melody by BlueAngel271183

Australian KissesSensuous exhaustion, you look tired
lay down your frustration at my feet
and I'll kneed it away, with the heat
of my hands, and mouth on your chest
warm intimacy, massaging your breast
My hands will grip you, and wrap around
your waist, to hold you tight as I kiss your lips,
I love to savor the flavor of your
silky and succulent skin parted by my tongue,
oh and also
your mouth,
what? you look pleased
lay back sweetheart,
i'm just getting started
I Dreamt About You Last NightIn my dream.
We met for the first time.
I was surprised.
On vacation, somewhere.
In a public setting of some sort.
Perhaps a restaurant or a bar?
It was a place of social gathering.
I saw you across the room.
I remember how you look.
I was excited. Nervous.
You noticed me.
You pointed me out to a friend you were with.
I remember your smile and laughter.
You seemed excited and nervous too.
You got up to leave.
Your friend urged you to go see me.
You came over.
I was happy you did.
I remember how you spoke.
We talked.
We laughed.
We left the place we were at.
We went for a drive in a truck I borrowed from someone I don't know.
We talked more.
We laughed more.
I think we may even have kissed.
I can't remember that last part for sure.
Perhaps I just want to remember that we did.
That is all I remember.
It was cute.
I enjoyed it.
I hope it happens again.
This is a true story. Not a piece of creative writing.

Dix Steele - Reclining - 2 by DixSteele

Medieval Princess by Warlock1935 Ester by Venlian Nothing To See Here by Objective-Perception


Thu Aug 28, 2014, 9:09 AM

Proud Honor by Hawkvirgin
A portrait of Mom by Hawkvirgin
Mom this year by Hawkvirgin

September 18, 1928 - August 28 2014

Do-It-Yourself Journal Skin by miontre


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